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Kids can be hard to shop for. As a parent myself, I am faced with the annual Christmas shopping task of finding Kids Gift Ideas; gifts that not only delight them but me as well. My wife and I have found there are many mainstream kids' gift ideas that we can find both in stores or on the internet but with so many options out there, it becomes difficult to determine what is cool or unique and what our kids actually want. We have made this list of the top 10 cool and unique kids' gifts so parents like you won't have to waste time deciding what's best for their children.

Inexpensive Kids Gift Ideas That Is Actually Cool | Unique Kids Gifts

We make it easy for you to give Kids Gift Ideas that are both cool and inexpensive. Here's how it works: Pick a T-shirt, a canvas, a poster, or a tumbler (or any other product of your choice), add it to your cart, and then pick out a mug. You'll have the option of adding more mugs in an infinite number of color variations. We know that kids are really picky and you want to give the coolest presents possible, but we think you should give them something that is actually cool. If you're not sure how to choose the gift ideas kids, worry not! We've got you covered with this guide!

What Are The Best Kid Gifts Idea For Toddler Boys?

Toddler boys can be tough to shop for! What do you buy the little guys who have everything? The answer is simple: you get them something they'll love, that they don't already have. And HighlyUnique is here to help! We've got a wide range of adorable best kids gifts that are perfect for toddler boys. They'll love wearing this shirt, and you'll love seeing them in it! Or maybe a cozy blanket is more their style. We've got you covered there, too! Looking for something a little more permanent? How about a canvas print or a poster? These will look great in any room, and your toddler boy will thank you every day when he sees them. Maybe he wants to drink some hot chocolate while he's cuddled up under his new blanket, on his new couch—and what better way to do that than with his very own mug? The best part is, that we can help you personalize any of these best gifts for kids to make them even more special. Just include some text and we'll take care of the rest!

The Best Affordable Unique Gifts For Kids

Need affordable unique gifts for kids in your life? Here are a few ideas:

    • T-shirt: There's nothing a child likes more than a t-shirt with their name on it. HighlyUnique has tons of designs and colors to choose from, so you can pick something that really speaks to who your kid or grandchild is.
    • Canvas prints: Remember that time your kid said "Thanks for dinner" without being asked? Or when they helped you do the dishes, unprompted? Get some canvas prints of those moments to remember them by.
    • Posters: Posters are awesome; they're basically just pieces of paper you can hang on the wall. And what could be better than that? A poster to commemorate your best family memories!
    • Tumblers: Does your kid often forget to stay hydrated? Get them a tumbler with their name on it! They'll be sure to have it with them at all times, if only because it has their name on it and they don't want anyone else claiming it as their own. That's smart—you've raised them well!

Cool Gifts Your Kids Are Guaranteed To Love

Nothing beats cool gifts for kids and the ones featured above are guaranteed to be a hit. Kids love t-shirts, canvas, posters, mugs, and tumblers. If your child is not into these types of items, you can always get a blanket. Some parents choose to get an item from a certain category of items like all shirts or all one category of merchandise like mugs and still, others prefer to give their kids personalized gifts. All of these cool kids gifts are great for kids. The choice really comes down to what message the parent wants to convey through cool stuff for kids.

Unusual Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Most of us are familiar with the cringe-worthy feeling when we're at the store and come to the realization that our kids have EVERYTHING. Ok, maybe we're exaggerating a little - but we've definitely all felt it at one point or another. We can't seem to find anything that is new and exciting, so we just sigh and move on. But ... maybe it doesn't have to be that way? Perhaps there is a T-Shirt here or a Mug there that might hit that perfect spot between fun and funny, the right price, and don't forget useful ... let's face it - you'll use it way more than you'd imagine! This has led me to find some really present for kids that parents will love as well!